Step Up To Lift Deck Floor Scales Incorporating Technology


Today, more than ever, it is essential to make smart investments in the equipment in any production, manufacturing or industrial type of application. By choosing wisely and evaluating lift deck floor scales that fully integrate technology not only will the scale be great value for today, but it will continue to do so into the future.

The advancement in technology for lift deck floor scales has really come along in leaps and bounds over the last decade, particularly with the top scale manufacturers. With new technology downtime, maintenance, and even the issue of constantly replacing load cells have literally become a thing of the past.

To understand just how something as fundamentally simple as lift deck floor scales benefits from top technology and support, start with the basics and work to the more advanced.

Never Calibrate Manually Again

With the newest designs in lift deck floor scales from the most recognized manufacturers, you never need to worry about carrying weights, stopping the line or having your maintenance technicians work overtime. All that is required is a simple push of the button on the control screen, and these scales will automatically self-calibrate, ensuring accurate measurements after any moves, drops or as part of a scale maintenance routine.


With the top brands and models of lift deck floor scales there is not just electronic calibration, but also an electronic diagnostic and troubleshooting program provided. By pairing the scale with the required controller, the system will self-analyze on a continual or on-demand schedule. This allows each individual component of the scale to be tested before anyone even has to reach for the tools.

With automatically built-in troubleshooting and diagnostics, even early signs of voltage shifts or possible weight variances can be instantly detected. This not only helps to prevent unplanned downtime, but it also ensures optimal accuracy on the scales at all times.

All this comes with lift deck floor scales that are able to be connected to a variety of devices including PLCs, DCSs and PCs using a variety of interfaces. The interface options range from standards Ethernet/IP to Ethernet TCP, Remote I/O, DeviceNet, ControlNet and a variety of other specialized options.

The result is more than smart lift deck floor scales; it is a more productive, effective and highly advanced workplace where operators have the option to run tests and completing checks as needed.

With Hardy Solutions lift deck floor scales technology makes everyone’s life easier. With a range of different sizes and options, we have the scale for your workplace. To learn more go to.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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