Starting Fresh With Deep-Clean Housekeeping Services in Bakersfield, CA

by | Sep 5, 2023 | Cleaning Service

Many men and women who would really benefit from regularly scheduled home cleaning services avoid considering the possibility, even when it’s affordable. They may feel like they should be able to manage all the cleaning tasks on their own, even when it’s obvious the situation is out of control. Agencies providing housekeeping services in Bakersfield, CA are ready to complete a full deep cleaning of the home on the first visit and then return every week or two for routine tasks.

At the Floor Level

The workers move furniture in various rooms and vacuum underneath, a project that may rarely or never be done by the household residents. Baseboards, especially at the corners, probably have become dusty.

Higher Up

Window frames and sills probably need thorough cleaning, especially along the top. Dusty cobwebs in corners where walls meet ceilings are swept away. The tops of interior doors might not have been wiped off in years.

In the Kitchen

Workers with housekeeping services in Bakersfield, CA clean the top of the refrigerator and wash the kitchen cabinetry, which tends to get a bit grimy because of grease particles in the air. They also wipe down all the cabinetry knobs and pulls as well as every doorknob in the place. Light fixtures are taken down and washed to remove dust and dead bugs from inside.

On to the Bathrooms

Many individuals never think to clean behind the toilet tank and may hardly ever wash the fixture underneath the bowl and at the floor. The housekeepers do this and scrub the interiors of showers to eliminate scum and mildew.

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