Some of the Fantastic Benefits of MICA Heaters for Your Heating Needs


A micathermic heater, also known as just “MICA,” is a type of portable space heater where the heating elements are covered in MICA. This allows for both convection and radiant heat, and it also allows the heating elements to burn a lot hotter per electricity usage than would otherwise be possible. The end result is a smaller heater with a much larger output, due to the MICA sheathing that surrounds the elements. For people who need extra heat or a portable unit, a MICA heater might be a good way to go. Here are a couple of reasons why these heaters are great options.

Superior Energy Efficiency

First and foremost, this type of heater is just great at being energy efficient. One of the biggest expenses families have to pay in the winter is for their heat, typically because they have some sort of electric heat source that requires a lot of kilowatt hours to operate, and so the price ends up through the roof. These smaller heaters don’t take a lot of energy at all to heat up, so they can run for pennies a day.

Lots or Portable Sizes

Another fantastic benefit of a MICA heater is that these models are always very portable. You can move the heaters back and forth with you, instead of having to rely on them to heat up entire large spaces. They’re personal space heaters, not large, open-space heaters, and they do a great job as such. You can move them around room to room and store them away in the summer.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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