Solar Marine Lights are Dependable and Easy to Install


The ocean is a dark place at night. When a boat doesn’t have the proper lighting it can be invisible to other ships. If its crew needs help, rescue workers have a much harder time finding it, when there are no working lights. Foggy conditions can be just as dangerous. Therefore it’s very important that the boat have reliable Solar Marine Lights. While these may cost more than traditional lights, their low maintenance cost and lack of batteries compensate over time for the initial expenditure. Boaters have the security of knowing that they will have light when they need it most.

Boaters can install Solar Marine Lights in a variety of colors. They can also relax during foggy or cloudy periods, because the backup battery storage will last for three weeks. Depending upon usage, these reliable lights with their LED light source will last between five to eight years. The totally sealed construction enables them stand up to the harshest ocean conditions. When the battery does need to be replaced, the sealed construction allows them to be removed and replaced in one easy step. They also come with a limited three year warranty. These lights are so simple to install that the boater can do it themselves. Because they are solar powered, they can be installed anywhere without altering the boat’s electrical wiring.

When a boat owner is considering buying a solar-powered light from Dock Floats Ltd. they should consider the distance at which the light can be seen. It should be visible for at least one nautical mile. Because boats are left outdoors, sometimes in isolated areas the solar light should be vandal and theft resistant. A boater with limited technical ability should be able to install it easily and quickly. Of course it also has to be tough enough to resist constant pounding by the ocean elements.

Solar lights that are tough enough for ocean conditions will work well on land as well. They are often used at airports as security markers for secured planes. Isolated phone booths are safer will reliable lights. These are popular because they are lightweight and can be easily moved and don’t require the continued services of an electrician.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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