Should You Hire a Disability Lawyer?

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Lawyer

The first thing that needs to be considered when you are thinking about hiring a disability lawyer is the benefit/value of having an attorney. The cost to hire a SSD lawyer is very reasonable since attorney fees are regulated by Social Security. SSD law attorney fees are either twenty-five percent of any back pay or $6,000, whichever is less, with no money up front. Attorney fees in Social Security cases are typically lower than other practice areas. When you have a disability lawyer on your side, you have someone there to represent you with full knowledge of the law. Social Security laws have changed over the years and can be complex. While it is not impossible to make yourself familiar with those laws, it is easier to let a Raleigh SSDI lawyer represent you.  Since most SSD law firms work on a “no fee unless they win” basis, it is best to find a competent attorney to represent you.

Improve Your Chances for Disability Approval

When you hire a professional attorney to represent you when you file a disability claim, your chances of being approved increase. This does not mean that you cannot be approved for disability without an attorney, but in most cases filing and appealing can be difficult and it needs to be done correctly. It is important to realize that forms need to be filled out completely to keep the process from being delayed. The procedure for filing for disability in and of itself tends to be difficult. Statistics also show that applicants represented by legal counsel at Social Security hearings are more likely to be approved, as well.

Present Your Disability Case in the Most Favorable Light

Although you may be quite good at expressing yourself, in a court of law an SSD attorney understands the process better and is able to help a client explain why they are disabled, using the rules and regulations set by Social Security. You also need advice considering how your disability case is being presented and how it can be expressed in a more favorable light. There may be some unfavorable aspects of your case, which your attorney can help you present in the best possible way. To be considered disabled by Social Security’s rules and regulations you must prove that you are unable to work for a year or longer due to your health. Social Security has “medical listings” and “grid rules” which an experience attorney will use in your favor. Professional legal counsel is able to provide you with the best possible information and make sure that a clear and concise argument as to why you are disabled is demonstrated within Social Security’s rules and regulations.

Do Not Be Afraid of the Process

It is most likely that disability cases will be denied the first time, even with legal counsel. This is common and should not instill fear in the process of filing for disability. It is important to keep your claim going and never give up. Instead of focusing on being denied, it is important to put your energy into communicating with your representative to make sure that they have a detailed medical and work history. An experienced SSD law firm will help guide you through the process, file appeals for you, and skillfully represent you at an Administrative Law Judge hearing, if necessary.

Finding a good Raleigh SSDI lawyer makes all the difference when applying for disability benefits. Contact The Clauson Law Firm, PLLC for further information regarding the Social Security Disability claims process.


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