Shopping for Smaller New Homes For Sale in New Haven, IN.


Some men and women would love to buy a new home, but it seems like all the ones they see for sale are huge and cost way more than they can afford. Some contractors, however, build smaller houses on spec and add these properties to real estate listings. They understand that not everyone interested in New Homes For Sale Green Bay needs or wants a large amount of square footage.


A contractor like for example, has floor plans available as low as around 1,100 sq. ft. For many individuals and couples, that’s plenty of space. If they want something a little bigger, they might choose a floor plan of 1,300 or 1,400 sq. ft. The smaller floor plans shown by this particular home builder all have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, making the houses suitable for a small family as well.

Move-in Ready

Buying one of the New Homes For Sale Green Bay that has already been constructed is convenient because the people shopping for residential real estate can move right in. There’s no waiting time for current residents to move out, and no long wait for a house to be constructed from the ground up. With a number of floor plans from which to choose, the real estate shoppers are sure to find something very appealing.

Future Additional Space

Even families with children will have enough space with this kind of floor plan. Eventually, the homeowners might want to have the basement finished to add more living space, such as for a family room, TV room, crafts room, or home office.

Staying Put

Eventually, these individuals may want to move to a larger home, but many love their smaller place and stay put. It becomes their permanent residence, and they see no reason to leave and take on a bigger house payment, more maintenance, and extra housekeeping chores. They like the idea of being able to pay the mortgage off within a shorter time frame. Without all the tasks required for a house twice as big, they have more free time to pursue recreational activities and hobbies.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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