Sharing Important Information With Your Dentist

by | Dec 26, 2012 | Dentists

When you go in to visit with a dentist, be prepared to share some important information in order to be sure that your visit will begin and end safely. Most dentists in San Dimas will begin their relationship with you by taking your medical and dental history. Sometimes, though, things like your diet, your medications and other habits may change. As the use of medication and technology advances, the possibility for negative interactions rises. For this reason, it is very important that you are thorough and honest when you communicate with the dentist.

As with your medical information, your dental information is covered by confidentiality laws. So when you go in to visit with one of the dentists in San Dimas you can rest assured that your information will be protected. Your dentist will need to know any medical conditions that you have and what kind of treatment you are receiving for that condition.

If you can make up a list of the medications that you are taking, this will also be welcomed by your dentist. Many medications can be dangerous if combined with other medication. List all of the prescription medications that you are currently taking, any over the counter medications including vitamins and other supplements, and herbal remedies. In most cases, the dentists will be able to adjust their treatments appropriately so that dental procedures can be done safely. The more thorough you are when sharing this information with your dentist, the safer you will be.

You may not consider sharing information about the specific foods and drinks that you enjoy, but they can also interact with sedation medications. The use of alcohol can be dangerous when combined with dental medications. Even something like grapefruit can have negative interactions with some of the sedation treatments provided by the dentists in San Dimas. If you are using tobacco in any form, you will need to share that information with your dentist. The effect of tobacco on your dental health is significant, and it will also decrease the usefulness of medications given to you by the dentist for certain treatments.

When you have the opportunity to share important information with dentists in San Dimas, please be as honest and forthright as possible. If you aren’t comfortable sharing that information, you may want to consider choosing another dentist with whom you will feel comfortable.

Before beginning treatments with dentists in San Dimas, you need to be sure that you have shared all information honestly and fully with Dr. Viviane Haber D.D.S. San Dimas local dentist.

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