Seeking Professional Ingrown Toenails Treatment in Kenosha WI


Those who suffer from an ingrown toenail know what it is like to walk with pain every day. Fortunately, with the development in modern medicine, Ingrown Toenails Treatment in Kenosha WI has made it simple to obtain optimal walking health.

What is an Ingrown Toenail?

An ingrown toenail is a nail that has grown into the flesh instead of over it. It is most commonly affects the largest toe on the foot. Individuals who have curved or thicker nails are more prone to having an ingrown nail, however, they can affect anyone.

What Causes an Ingrown Toenail?

Ingrown toenails are often a result of an injury to the foot, poorly fitting shoes, or lack of foot grooming. They are also caused by cutting the toenails too short or rounding the edges of the nail when filing. An individual who suffers from diabetes or vascular problems is urged to have the toenails treated as they can cause serious complications for the individual if they are ignored.


Visiting a professional such as Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers will be able to diagnose the ingrown toenail based upon symptoms and a physical examination of the individual’s foot. While there are home remedies that may be performed, sometimes professional help is recommended. Along with antibiotics, there are other methods that are used for treating an ingrown nail.

  • Lifting the nail. Individuals who may suffer from a slight ingrown nail may have their nail lifted to assist the nail in growing above the skin rather than to it.
  • Partially removing the nail. For a more serious ingrown nail, the doctor may remove a portion of the individual’s nail. This allows for proper regrowth and healing.
  • Removing the nail. If the individual has an ingrown toenail that continues to come back repeatedly on the same toe, his or her doctor may remove a portion of the nail along with the nail bed. While this allows for adequate healing, it may also prevent the nail from growing back.

Ingrown toenails are a painful ailment that may be easily avoided or treated. Seeking professional Ingrown Toenails Treatment in Kenosha WI can prevent a small problem from growing larger. It is important to maintain good foot hygiene, wear well-fitting shoes and maintain proper care if injured to avoid suffering from an ingrown nail.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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