Safe Off-Campus Housing That Is Affordable? Yes, It Is Available!


Going off to college doesn’t mean you have to stay in a crowded dorm with four hundred other young adults. Instead, you could find an apartment off-campus, or you can find apartment housing that is just like living at home but with all the amenities afforded a dorm room. Skip the furniture and explore what this latter option has over other housing options this fall.

UC Riverside Student Housing

Affordable student housing on the UC Riverside Campus that doesn’t seem like it’s on campus at all is the ideal thing. You share an apartment with one or three roommates, and everyone has their own bedroom and access to one or more bathrooms. Common areas include a big TV and furnished living room, and kitchen and dining area. Spacious bedrooms are also furnished for your comfort, and it’s often more affordable than the “board” campuses offer via dorms. Additionally, you can walk or bike to class just a short distance away.

Can’t Find a Roommate? No Problem!

If you are coming to campus and you want one of these student apartments, but you don’t have a roommate (or three!), it’s not an immediate issue. Apply to be placed in the apartment of your choice (two bedrooms or four) and the property management company does the rest. If you do find a roommate or several roommates, and everyone has their application in, you can request to be housed together. It’s

UC Riverside student housing at its best and easiest.

Fill out an online application today via Alight Riverside at to get the process started.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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