Roof Windows, Skylights and Other Natural Energy Sources

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Home & Garden

There are roof windows skylights and other sources to help save energy and cut costs. Roof windows are a great way to add natural light to a home to brighten it up without the need for artificial lighting. They generally have a low profile and add ambiance to kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms in your home.

Types of Roof Windows
There are three main types of roof windows. Cathedral windows are the most common. They are installed close to the roof line, reducing the need for a shaft. They work well for high-sloped ceilings. They are preferred because they add space and create dramatic effects. Shaft skylights involve a corridor – like a tube – that funnels light to an area. A shaft is required when the roof line is further away from the ceiling, such as in flat ceilings. A flared shaft is wider than a regular shaft. It has a bell-shaped bottom that widens to allow more light into the home.

Types of Materials
There are three main types of materials used to create roof windows, skylights and other energy sources. Plastic, or acrylics, is the most commonly used material. It is the most economical and is also very durable. However, the downsides are that it can yellow over time due to contact with UV rays and it also allows more heat in. Glass glazing is more expensive, but it lasts longer. Another type, solar-heat control glazing, provides additional energy efficiency over the other types. Add insulation to any of these types of materials and the roof window will last even longer.

Some roof windows offer many features. Some are motorized, offering ultimate convenience. Just use the remote control and you can open and close the roof window with just a touch of a button. Moisture sensors automatically close when it starts to rain, keeping your home dry when you aren’t around to close the window.

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