Rockville, MD Bail Bonds Allow Defendants to Delay Accepting a Plea Bargain


When a person is arrested and locked in jail, the compulsion to hurriedly accept a plea bargain is likely if there is no way to pay bail. Rockville, MD bail bonds are available to provide a more affordable alternative. After release, the defendant can wait to see if another, more-favorable option comes up that effectively ends the case before trial.

Arrest and Bail

An arrest is technically considered the first stage of a criminal case. Bail is the second step. Unfortunately, for many people, the amount of cash bail is far beyond their ability to pay. Even though bail is refunded after the case ends, many defendants do not have access to that much money. Rockville, MD bail bonds offer a solution for these people to obtain their release from jail.

Plea Bargains

Most criminal cases do eventually end with a plea bargain. Even innocent people are sometimes willing to plead guilty in exchange for a lenient sentence, such as probation instead of incarceration. That way, they can end the case and get on with their lives. They don’t want the stress of waiting for a jury trial, and they know there’s a risk they could be convicted.

Two More Favorable Possibilities

One favorable possibility is for the judge to dismiss the case at the preliminary hearing. The prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney present their respective evidence. Witnesses may be called to give testimony. The prosecution must show enough evidence that the defendant committed the crime, or the judge may dismiss the case. In addition, if the defense can show that the prosecution’s evidence is tainted in some way or was obtained illegally, that can also be cause for dismissal.

Another favorable event is when the prosecution drops the charges before the hearing. An arrest typically begins with a police investigation or intervention during criminal activity. Officers arrest the suspect, but the prosecution must verify that there is enough evidence for a conviction. They may file charges but then withdraw them if further information supporting the defendant is obtained. In the meantime, the defendant may be released through the assistance of an organization such as 1st Class Bail Bonds. Call us to get started.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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