Renting Equipment: Tips and Tools

by | Aug 25, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

Equipment rentals in Lancaster, PA offer local residents and construction business owners the opportunity to rent equipment and tools for special projects. Often when engaged in a home improvement project or after being hired for a construction job, people will feel the pressing need for the tool or equipment that is required and will neglect to do the appropriate homework before going to a rental store. We all live, busy, harried and pragmatic lives and often do not invest the time in doing the things necessary that will benefit us the most. The rental store that you choose, as well as the equipment, could make all the difference in completing your job on time, and falling behind.  Finding the best rental store, paying the best price, getting the right kind of equipment for your specific needs, and knowing how to use the equipment safely are all factors that should be given attention.

Before you do anything, you should sit down with a phone and call around to find out which provides equipment rentals in Lancaster PA at the best prices and with terms that are most beneficial to your needs. Consider asking the following kinds of questions:

1. What kind of schedule for maintenance do you follow for your equipment?
2. If we have a problem or something isn’t operating correctly, what is your response time?
3. Do you provide any safety or operation training for complex equipment?
4. How do you bill for equipment rentals?
5. How long have you been doing business in Lancaster, PA?
6. What kind of rates do you offer and are there any additional fees?
7. What hours are you open and is anyone available when you are closed if a problem crops up?

When they answer, you will of course have in mind your own needs, such as price, availability – both of equipment and of employee assistance if needed, distance the equipment rentals store in Lancaster, PA is from your work site, and whether or not safety training and equipment use is provided as well.

Once you narrow down options, visit the store. See how the equipment is treated and if it is clean, as well as the general area itself and if it is tidy. There is nothing worse than paying to rent poorly-working, malfunctioning equipment that doesn’t operate well for you when you need it the most. If the store does not keep the place clean or the equipment maintenance up, you may find a better deal somewhere else. Whatever you do, don’t simply go with the cheapest place, even if your budget is a primary concern.


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