Regular Maintenance from a Company that Handles Heating in Franklin TN Helps a Home’s Heating System Run Better and Last Longer


During the winter months having a heating system that is working at its best, can be essential. Most homeowners know that prior to the start of the winter season one of the best steps they can take to ensure that their system for Heating Franklin TN is in good working order is to call a company that deals with heating systems so they can check, clean and repair their system if needed. This preventative step will help in making sure the unit runs effectively and efficiently throughout the cold season.

One of the most important things that a repair person from a company, such as Springhill Heating & Cooling, will want to do when they perform preventative maintenance on a heating system can be cleaning the unit. Most issues that a heating system develops are due to the unit being operated while it is dirty. This is important because most heating systems tend to collect a good amount of dirt, dust and other matter. If this is not cleaned from the unit, it can bog the system down. This can cause it to need more power to operate, which puts a strain on the unit and increases energy usage costs. Cleaning the system can help in avoiding this.

When a repair person from a company that handles Heating Franklin TN begins cleaning a home’s heating system, one of the first steps they will generally take is vacuuming the unit inside and out. They will also use a stiff brush to remove dirt, hair and other matter from vents and grilles on the unit. The air filter will be checked and replaced if it is too dirty to operate properly. Most units need to have the air filter checked at least monthly during periods of heavy operation. This can help in ensuring the unit is running as cleanly as possible.

Another element that will need to be inspected is the burner. The burner heats the air before it is sent into the home. The main way to check if the burner is in need of cleaning is by examining the condition of the flames on the unit when it is switched on. Flames that are blue and steady indicate the burner is working well. If the flames flicker and are orange or yellow, the burner is most likely dirty and it will need to be disassembled for cleaning.


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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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