Reasons to Hire a Defective Product Attorney Near Me in Phoenix, AZ

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Lawyers

When you buy consumer goods, you expect them to be safe to use and incapable of causing harm to you and your family. However, when one of them does hurt you, you also have the right to pursue legal compensation from the manufacturer.

You need to take immediate action and avoid allowing the statute of limitations to expire to seek compensation. Your first move can involve hiring an experienced defective product attorney near me in Phoenix, AZ to take your case.

Recouping Medical Expenses

If you have spent a significant sum of money on medical bills related to the harm the defective product caused, you have the legal right to expect the manufacturer to compensate you. You can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or file a claim against its insurance company to seek that money.

However, the manufacturer may refuse to pay out your claim and might even deny compensating you for your medical expenses. Your attorney can pursue a lawsuit in court and persuade the judge or jury to find it in your favor.

Your attorney can also push for a settlement to close out the case and avoid going to court. He or she can ensure you get a sufficient amount of compensation that is in line with the personal injury laws in your state.

A defective product attorney near me in Phoenix, AZ can pursue legal action after you are injured by a faulty product. He or she can win compensation for you or file a lawsuit on your behalf.

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