Quick and Easy Area Rug Cleaning Tips


These days many people have homes with lots of hardwood floors in them. This fad has gone in and out over the years and continues to do so even today. If you have hardwood floors, you most likely have area rugs as well. There are ways to keep your area rug looking good if you will follow some of the following area rug cleaning tips.

One way to keep your area rugs looking like new is to vacuum them on a regular basis. It is important to not only vacuum your area rug on top, but to also turn it over and vacuum the back of the rug as well. This will loosen deep down dirt that can get in and tear your carpet fibers apart. It is important as well that you do not vacuum over the edges of your area rug so that you will not ruin them. If you find that the edges of your area rug have dirt in them you can always shake the ends out. If you vacuum over the edges of your area rug it can cause the edges to fray.

Another area rug cleaning tip is to blot any spills you have with a terry cloth towel. Be sure to blot the area and not to rub the area in straight lines rather than circles. If you rub the area rug in circles you can cause damage to the rug. Terry cloth is the best cloth to use to clean spills on area rugs because the fibers of the terry cloth can work similar to a brush and will dig deep into rug to remove any stains you may be dealing with.

If you find that you have a spot that will not come out with just water you may have to use some type of cleaning solution. When cleaning your area rug with a cleaning solution you should always do a spot test first to make sure the area rug will not be damaged by the solution. A good solution to use is one part vinegar and 2 parts water. You can also use dish soap and hydrogen peroxide as well but be sure as mentioned to spot test it first.
Even though you can keep your area rug looking good for years with these simple area rug cleaning tips, you should still have your area rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year to help prolong their life. Make sure to find a rug cleaner that is wool safe. Even if your area rug is not made of wool you should use a rug cleaner that is wool safe approved.


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