Questions to Ask When Looking for Assisted Living in Melbourne


You want the best care for your loved one. Arming yourself with these important questions while searching for Alzheimer’s nursing care in Melbourne, FL, will ensure you find a place that is the perfect match for your loved one.

Many assisted living communities offer memory care on separate floors or wings of the complex. Assisted living involves providing your loved one with a comfortable place to live and access to a long list of amenities. Alzheimer’s nursing care in Melbourne, FL, involves specialized nursing. You must ask questions about the living facilities and the type of memory care that will be provided.

What type of training have the staff members received? How much do housing and care cost? Ask about prices regarding rooms and if they are private or semi-private. You should know exactly what type of assistance residents will receive. Also, find out how medical emergencies are handled.

You want your loved one to live in a safe place. Ask questions about security in the facilities. Find out if there are security guards, cameras, gates, and other security measures in place to protect your loved one.

Various services will be provided in assisted living. If meals are offered, you want to be sure that any special dietary requests are accommodated. Ask about laundry services and housekeeping.

Ask about programs that are provided to residents, including physical therapy, social activities, and exercise. If your loved one has special needs, ask about getting help with matters like mobility issues, diabetic care, or physical aggressiveness.

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