PS3 Gaming Chairs Immerse Gamers and Improve Performance

by | Feb 4, 2014 | Arts And Entertainment

From humble roots of bleeps, bloops, and black and white, block-like shapes, video games have come a long way. Modern games rival Hollywood blockbusters for their excitement and bluster, with room-shaking explosions rocking gamers as they fight to win. Video gamers themselves have come a long way from the casual ancestors who were content with a quick game of Pong on a winter’s evening, too. Today’s gamers are demanding and sophisticated, and want the best possible experiences for the money that they spend on the hobby. PS3 gaming chairs, for example, can contribute to the immersion experienced in gaming sessions. These specialized pieces of furniture, more than merely offering a comfortable place to sit, actually contribute to the spectacle of modern video games, and may even make players more competitive.

Many of these chairs resemble well-built office furniture, and prospective buyers do well to make sure that the fundamentals of such fixtures are appropriately covered. Good chairs will generally be equipped with sturdy head- and arm-rests, and should normally offer adjustments as to height and inclination. Most will also rock somewhat freely by default, with the ability to lock this joint in place being valuable in many cases.

As specialized pieces of furniture, though, good PS3 gaming chairs go well beyond these basics. Many have built-in motors which can be driven by either the audio signals from games, or even the vibration channels which normally control the rumble effect within controllers. These powerful motors, being built into the seats themselves, are well-positioned to enhance the effects of bass frequencies, as they directly shake the player’s body in a way that makes him feel like he is better connected to the game. Cues of this sort can even improve a player’s performance, as they bring another sense to bear upon the game. With the sense of touch so engaged, the player can often respond more quickly to the action on-screen, racking up scores and performances that had previously seemed out of reach.

Many chairs also supplement these motors with built-in speaker systems. These may be located on headrests, so that players can more easily use positional audio clues to locate opponents in games. Once again, this immersive feature may lead to better performance, as the nearness and position of the speakers makes them more effective at conveying this important information.

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