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Whether you’re in the business of transporting flowers, food, or people on three wheels, you need to make sure that the cycle you trust will be able to keep up with your hustle as long as you can. Cargo bikes are not the only cycles on the market that can help you make money. Keep reading to find out all of the different cycle options you have for making money on the side.

Cargo & Delivery

There are many different sizes of cargo bikes out there; some will haul a couple of boxes at a time on a flat plate on the back of the cycle, and others like the Freighter 500 have a large cargo box that can hold roughly 40 cubic feet of product.

Retail & Vendor

Retail cycles can sell anything from flowers and hot dogs to ice-cold beer or piping hot coffee and cocoa. Cycles like the Cooler 350U are well insulated and perfect for warm days and cold treats, whereas the Draft353 is more equipped to pour out up to 3 3-gallon kegs of coffee or alcohol.

Passenger Bikes

There’s nothing more exciting or romantic than taking a pedicab ride through a city park in the evening. If you dabble in pedaling pedestrians around, then you’ll want to look at the Pedicab Pro or a more elegant model like the Luxe AW Pedicab with a telescoping canopy and plenty of room for advertising on the side panels.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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