Physicians in Marlton, NJ Often Recommend Hormone Replacement Therapy


If you are a woman who is menopausal, your ovaries are making less progesterone and estrogen. These hormones control the monthly menstrual cycle. They also affect bone health, heart health, and the health of the vagina.

Easing Menopause

When physicians in Marlton, NJ recommend hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, it is to ease menopausal symptoms. HRT hormones are made in a lab. Therefore, it is imperative that you discuss both the advantages and risks associated with this type of therapy.

HRT is often used to help patients sleep better at night and to relieve night sweats or hot flashes. It is also used to ease the vaginal itching and dryness. The effects on a woman’s health after menopause may be even more significant. According to physicians who recommend HRT, the therapy can help reduce the fractures associated with thinning bones or osteoporosis.

Some Noted Benefits

By undergoing HRT, you may be less likely to contract heart disease or have problems with cognition or dementia as you age. However, some findings have purported that HRT may actually raise the incidents of stroke, breast cancer, or even heart disease in women who took a combination of progestin, which is a type of progesterone, and estrogen.

Are You Experiencing Hot Flashes?

To learn if you are a viable candidate, you need to sit down and discuss HRT with physicians who facilitate and suggest the therapy. If you are having a tough time with menopause, you may find that this type of solution is both effective and therapeutic. Every woman is different. That is why you should discuss this type of health need with a knowledgeable health professional.

Who to Contact Online Today

Would you like to know more about HRT? If so, check out website. Find out all you can about the treatment process so you know what you can expect. Now is the time to schedule an appointment, especially if menopausal symptoms are disrupting your life.

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