Physical Therapy Treatment Options in Glendale and How They May Help You


Physical therapy services in Glendale, AZ can help individuals deal with back pain, injuries, and trauma. This type of therapy involves various treatments geared toward each person’s issue and body. Whether you have minor irritations or ongoing pain, physical therapy could be the answer to getting you back to feeling healthy and vibrant again.

Therapeutic Activities

A treatment some physical therapy services in Glendale, AZ offer their patients involves working with a whole-body vibration machine. These stabilizing platforms allow people to control their postural muscles, which run along the abdominal wall, pelvis, and back. The vibrations can also improve balance, circulation, and muscularity. With the assistance of a therapist, patients can safely stimulate nerves, bones, tendons, and joints.

Spinal Diseases and Disorders

When a person injures their spinal column, a therapist may need to use mechanical decompression. This procedure is a form of traction that slowly elongates the spine. The movement releases pressure on the discs. The therapy is helpful for individuals who suffer from herniated or bulging discs and sciatica pain. Practitioners can also use it to treat degenerative disc disease, neck pain, and numbness in the extremities. Over time, decompression may help slow or stop spinal damage.

Custom Approach

Whether your goal is to remain flexible or gain function and mobility, physical therapy services in Glendale, AZ traditionally begin with an evaluation of your condition. From there, your team can create a custom plan to fit your physical needs and lifestyle. The therapists use efficient and effective methods focusing on patient comfort with a combination of hands-on work and modern machines.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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