Personalized Baby Gifts for Sleep time


New parents adore their little newborns, but that does not change the fact that getting sleep can be difficult. Fortunately, it only takes about three months before an infant will begin sleeping five or more hours at a time. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping their first year of life, which is why an ideal shower gift is a personalized baby gift that an infant can wear while sleeping.

When you get a shower invitation and are wondering what would make a good gift, think sleep! Personalized clothing like colorful bodysuits and t-shirts are good for napping. For longer periods of sleep at night or during the day, personalized pajamas are perfect. Sets that include footie pajamas and night cap promise the baby a comfortable and warm sleep time.

Another sleep time gift that will get good use is a personalized baby blanket. The blanket coupled with pajamas is a luxurious shower gift that sends wishes for a good night’s sleep. By the time a baby is about six months, the little one should be sleeping up to twelve hours at a time. By then, mom and dad are more than ready to get some sleep.

Your Turn After Tucking in the Baby

New parents quickly learn how to sneak in some sleep the first few months of an infant’s life. Once the infant is warm and cozy in the footie pajamas emblazoned with the baby’s name, mom or dad can take a nap. It may only be a few hours at first, but getting sleep whenever possible is important.

Health professionals make a few suggestions to ensure that both baby and parent get some sleep. First, parents should always place the baby in the crib and not in their bed. It is dangerous for the infant because of the risk of smothering, and parents and baby are more likely to disturb each other.

Another suggestion made by professionals recommends that mom and dad take turns getting up to care for the baby. In that way, no one goes longer than one night without a full night of sleep. A third suggestion is to make sure the baby really needs attention before picking up the infant. Sometimes babies fuss a little while settling down and are not really hungry. It takes some patience and time to learn a baby’s habits or unique characteristics.

The good news is that an infant will eventually start sleeping the night through. The first time it happens, upon wakening you may rush to the crib to make sure everything is okay. When it is clear the infant is healthy and warm in the personalized baby gift a friend gave you at a shower, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief that sleep is going to be possible.

Soothing Sounds

There are many wonderful gifts available today that are designed to promote infant sleep. For example, a soft sheep that plays four soothing sounds serves as an audio pacifier. The sounds of waves or mother’s heartbeat help the infant fall and stay asleep.

A new baby brings a lot of joy into people’s lives. Getting through the first few months of sleepless nights is just one of the many tasks new parent’s face. However, they would all agree that the happiness a baby brings to the family makes the loss of sleep worthwhile. As the baby nods off in a personalized baby gift, mom and dad can breathe a deep sigh of relief, followed immediately by a quick nap.

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