Passing the CPA Exam Made Easy With Black CPA Review Course

by | May 7, 2013 | Education

Passing the CPA exam is never easy; as a matter of fact it is one of the most difficult of all exams to conquer. The annual results are not promising, less than 50% success rate as an average, the average is made up of the 20% who pass and don’t review and the 70% that pass and do review. So don’t think for one minute that any CPA exam is easy, it is just easier with a CPA exam review course.

Why is it so hard to pass?

Every account looks forward to the day when he can call himself a CPA, there possibilities for job enhancement and security multiply, there is a certain earned respect and the pay will be higher for certain. Unfortunately, to become a CPA you must sit a battery of tests, none of which are easy. Statistically, the passing rate from Q1, 2010 through Q4, 2011, the most recent results available, went from a high of 52% in Q3, 2010 to a low of 42% in Q1, 2011. As you can see, it does not ever get any easier.
The reason that the CPA exam is so hard to pass is public interest. The CPA is the guardian of public interest and integrity in all things financial and his knowledge has to be very complete so as not to let the public down. Remember, CPA means “Certified Public Accountant.”

The benefits of this strict code, which is instilled into the very fiber of the CPA, are many:

The public:

Of all the professions; law, medicine, engineering, etc., CPAs are constantly ranked as the one most trusted. This is all down to the very difficult and rigorous training that they get, it is hard to become a CPA and the public know it. The CPA is seen as someone that can be trusted.

The exam must be difficult as it separates the “men from the boys.” The CPA must have not only the general knowledge of his profession; he must stay up to date on rapidly changing laws that affect taxes, audit and nearly all facets of finance.

The profession:

The reason why becoming a CPA is not easy is because the degree of difficulty means that only the best people in the counting field will become CPAs. This maintains the reputation of the people who are professionals and serves to keep the CPA in demand.

Most people who fail the test do so because they believe that the education they received in university is sufficient for them to pass this rigid exam. This is wrong, to pass the CPA exam you must review and although it’s not easy, there are some review courses that make it easier than others.

Passing the CPA is not easy, but passing the CPA Exam is made easy with Black CPA Review Course. Check the Black CPA Review web site and see for yourself just how exciting Black review can be, the results speak for themselves.

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