Overcoming Mold and Mildew San Diego in Your Home

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Mold and mildew is typically found in areas of your home that are both dark and damp. Most homeowners will ignore mold when it first starts showing up but this is not advisable. Over time, the spores will spread and before you know it, the accumulation will be too much to bear. These growths do not simply make the home unsightly, but they also pose health risks to all the inhabitants of the house. This is why it is essential to get rid of it as soon as you notice it appearing in the home in the first place.

Homes that have experienced water damage are even more susceptible to mold and mildew San Diego. As such, it is pertinent to ensure any areas of the home exposed to water damage are dried out immediately to prevent the spread of mildew. So what are some of the steps that homeowners can undertake when it comes to overcoming mold and mildew in San Diego?

* Combat the source of the water damage. It is a waste of time to try and get rid of mold and mildew if you do not know where the water damage is coming from. One needs to trace where the water invasion begins. Doing this ensures that time and money is not wasted in treating the mold only for it to recur later. If your home did not get flooded, look for telltale signs such as leaky pipes or faulty plumbing.

* Tackle the mold and mildew that has started to grow. To do this, one would have to start with washing off the mold from the surfaces that it has invaded. One can either do this on their own or seek professional services depending on the extent of the invasion. If the mold is minimal, wash it off with detergent mixed with water. Once this is done let the surfaces dry out completely before they are exposed to any water again. One thing to note though is that there could be some absorbent materials in your home that may have been affected by the mold. These include ceiling tiles, carpets and so on. These absorbent materials would have to be replaced if you would like to avoid another invasion in your home. If the damage is extensive, enlist the services of a professional mold removal company. These companies will have the right techniques as well as equipment to ensure that your home is free of mold and mildew. It may cost more than doing it yourself but it will save you money in further damage to your belongings.

* Once the mold has been removed, you now have to ensure that it does not return by keeping your home dry at all times.

If you would like additional information on overcoming mold and mildew San Diego in your home or if you would simply like to learn more about preventing these fungi from invading your house, visit Vista Flood Restoration, Inc. in San Diego.


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