Options for Replacing a Water Heater in Ventnor

by | Aug 26, 2013 | Plumbing

8014079_lWhen reviewing energy bills, a homeowner may want to take a look at the source for almost twenty percent of a home’s energy usage: the water heater. The common residential water heater tank has a capacity ranging from forty to eight gallons. The operation of the appliance works to keep that quantity of water always hot, for on-demand use. However, if that water is used up, it takes some time for more water to be heated. Many of us are familiar with the thrill of taking a shower after a hot water hog has had a shower. When you need to replace a Water Heater in Ventnor, what are the options?

There are more choices available that can save you money on energy usage, and that can provide added benefits. Many homes are having tankless water heaters installed. These could save money, because the water is only heated when needed, instead of constantly being heated and stored. However, modern, insulated conventional water heaters are quire efficient, so the savings may take a longer time to accumulate in order to justify the upfront cost and installation of a tankless water heater. The availability of a constant supply of hot water is the main attraction for these units.

Regular tankless heaters do not provide instantaneous hot water, and the hot water must run at a flow in order for it to be heated. Some so-called “tankless” water heaters may have a small ten gallon backup storage tank attached. This will allow a constant, instant flow of hot water. Another variation is the hybrid tank. These are like the familiar water heater, but also employ an additional heat pump to make the water that is used as hot as possible. There are also settings that can be applied in order to derive energy conservation benefits. These are a good choice for those who have variable water heating needs. All electric homes benefit greatly from this feature.

For the ultimate in energy conservation, some areas with a steady supply of constant sunlight may benefit from solar water heaters. Even if this is the only solar-powered appliance in a home, the savings can be significant. As solar technology improves, it will only be a matter of time before the purchase cost of these units is on par with other options.

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