Needing A Bail Bondsman In Keene, Texas

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Financial Services

It is hard not to worry when a loved one is in trouble. They are sitting in a jail cell, and their family wants them out. Sometimes, people have pre-set bonds when they are arrested. Other times, the accused must go before a judge to try and get a bond. Bail hearings are usually reserved for more serious crimes. Family members should try and find a bondsman to get the paperwork started. This may help to speed up the process, once bail is set.

Bail is cash, property or a bond that the accused gives to the court to guarantee his or presence in court. Bail hearings are necessary if someone is accused of a serious crime, or needs to lower the pre-set bond. There are several factors that a Judge takes into consideration when setting bond, including:

* the defendant’s criminal history
* the crime for which he or she is accused
* whether or not the defendant has a job
* whether or not the defendant is considered a flight risk

Sometimes, people don’t have to pay any money to get out of jail. They get released on their own recognizance, or an O.R. bond. Defendants who get an O.R. bond usually have family living in the community, and are unlikely to flee. They usually have a job, and no criminal history. If the defendant has a bond, the family can turn to a Bail Bondsman Keene TX. Vaughn’s EZ OUT Bonds, for example, is a 24-hour a day operation. They accept all calls, including collect calls.

There are several ways to make bond. A Bail Bondsman Keene TX requires people pay a percentage of the bond amount. On the other hand, someone can pay the entire cash amount of the bond. People who pay the entire amount, get the cash back when the case is over. The percentage paid to a bondsman is not refundable. Individuals can also put up property to get someone out. The property must have enough equity to cover the bail amount. However, the property may be taken, if the defendant flees. Visit website, for more information on Vaugh’s EZ Out Bonds.

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