Need Advantage Appliance Repair? Try these Maintenance Tips First


Proper maintenance of home appliances keeps them running smoothly and reduces the need for expensive repairs. Your central air conditioning unit, furnace, smoke alarms and clothes dryer vents will last much longer if you devote regular attention to their upkeep.

Maintenance Schedules
The maintenance of home appliances is a chore that’s commonly overlooked-;until something goes wrong and you need the services of an Advantage Appliance Repair professional. To avoid unnecessary service and repair calls, draw up a maintenance schedule to remind yourself to take care of your appliances.

Most appliances come with an instruction manual that explains how often maintenance should be done, and how to do it properly. Read the manual carefully, and you might just save a call to the repairman.

Some appliances are only used seasonally, such as furnaces and AC units. Schedule a maintenance appointment for a couple of months before they’re needed, and follow the manual’s instructions to ensure that everything is in good repair.

Maintenance Tips :
1. While some home appliance repair and maintenance tasks are best left to the professionals, there are some you can do yourself, such as:

2. Adjusting the legs of a washing machine to keep it level and stationary

3. Checking AC filters monthly and replacing them as required

4. Checking dryer vents for blockages

5. Checking smoke alarms regularly and replacing the batteries when required

6. Regularly using your oven’s self-cleaning feature

7. Inspecting your AC/heating duct work for leaks

8. Not overloading electrical circuits

9. Cleaning garbage disposals by occasionally running a handful of ice cubes through the system

10. As easy as some home appliance maintenance tasks are, some are more effectively done by the professionals. For example, the substances and parts found in refrigerators and air conditioners require appropriate handling and disposal measures, and Advantage Appliance Repair technicians have the knowledge and skill to do the job safely.

Home appliances are something most of us take for granted, but they can malfunction at any time. Life without the necessities (such as central air and refrigeration) is inconvenient and frustrating. By properly maintaining your appliances, you can keep them running efficiently and reduce the need for expensive repairs.

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