Near or Far: How to Control Your Investment by Using a Rental Management Company


Great investment opportunities can pop up at any time. Your nest egg may be the house next door; and, keeping your eye on the property can be as simple as looking out your bedroom window. However, sometimes these great opportunities happen when we are away from home – perhaps when we are visiting distant family or when we are on that romantic vacation. No matter the proximity to our property, keeping control of our investment is essential.

Choose Your Level of Involvement
It is sometimes true you cannot live in every property you own, and you many need to seek help. When it comes to rental management, Salt Lake City has its choice of companies and services. As the owner, you have control of deciding what you need from the company. Since you may not be familiar with the area in which you have purchased your property, you might be looking for advice on a marketable rent rate or help with knowing where to advertise. A company can help you understand the local market and assist you with proven strategies for renting in the area. Choose services based on your knowledge of the area and your property.

Location, Location, Location
The biggest benefit to using a rental management company is that they can be on location when you cannot. You cannot wait until your next holiday break from work to clean the carpets or fix a leaking pipe. A vacant property costs you money. To make the most of your new property, make sure it is in “rent-ready condition” as soon as possible to show to potential tenants. Time is money, and a rental company can offer services to help get your property in shape.

Who are You?
When it is time to rent to a tenant, how can you make sure you select a renter who will want to stay long-term and take care of your investment? A property management company can help you conduct a search and select your tenants after performing background checks and credit screenings. With these rigorous tests, damage is less likely to occur, and the tenants who are selected are more likely to take care of your investment.

Your local Salt Lake City Real Property Management team can help manage your properties in and out of town. To learn more about their services, visit them at

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