Navigating the minefield of international shipping

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Moving and Relocating

International shipping is an incredibly complicated process that requires much coordination and logistical support. It’s a daunting undertaking which puts off many people who are considering using an international shipping service. However, for those who are willing to endure the process, there are many payoffs.

Think about opening up an office of your business elsewhere where you can reach customers directly. Or if you wanted to buy that holiday home abroad, then again, an international shipping company will come in handy. This article will outline how to steer a ship through the complicated world of international shipping, whether you need shipping in Leicester or elsewhere.

You and the international shipping company

The first point of contact to ship an item will be between you (the shipper) and the international shipping company – often known as a move manager. It’s important to get this relationship right, whether you’re doing international shipping in Leicester or anywhere else. The company will oversee all your shipping needs and help you fill out all the documents.

The move manager will provide boxes to store your goods and help you correctly label everything. They will also help pack your boxes and then begin the process of contacting various agents along the way to help the move happen smoothly. This is where their expertise comes into play because they’ve done it for so many people that it makes no sense to try and ship something on your own internationally.

Freight forwarder

The freight forwarder is the person who will take your items from the export port and arrange for air or sea transportation to have your belongings arrive at the destination port you intend. Your shipping company will be able to deal with the freight forwarder directly. They will bring all your goods to the port themselves and then hand them to the freight forwarder, giving the person all export and custom documents as necessary. This will help the freight forwarder ascertain what duties (if any) you may need to pay at the receiving port and give you an accurate assessment of how much it will cost.

Destination agent

The destination agent is the person or company that will receive your goods at the port of entry. This can be a sea or airport depending on where the goods are coming from. Again, your international shipping company, through your freight forwarder, will be in communication with the destination agent every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The main job of the destination agent is to receive your goods and clear them through customs. He or she should have all the documents sent by the freight forwarder before hand, so this should be a smooth process. Once customs is cleared, then personnel working for you shipping company will take control of the goods once more and get them to your destination.

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