Mmmmm! BEEF! Raising Your Quality Herd for Food Starts With the Right Breed


For a while, beef got a bad rap. Now it is slowly regaining popularity as the go-to meat because the cost of poultry and pork has risen too much to make it worth eating healthier or eating less red meat. If you love the idea of raising beef cattle on your own land for food, finding high quality beef cattle for sale isn’t hard. In fact, there are plenty of farms and ranches offering Black Angus beef cattle for sale, and you can do all of the following with what they have on the market.

Buy the Cows, Rent the Bulls

Good bulls and good cows produce good cattle for food. Buy a few cows from an Angus farm and then rent the bulls. By renting the bulls from the same farms where you bought the cows, you know exactly what you are getting and you don’t have to raise dangerous bulls to breed.

Eat or Sell the Veal Calves

Male calves can’t produce milk or be used to inbreed with the cows you have. You can choose to slaughter these calves for quality veal, or sell them off to other farms. The female calves you can raise for milk or to be beef cattle when the time comes.

Decide If You Are Going to Do the Whole Dairy Thing

You could milk your cows and sell the milk for dairy money. You may also milk a few cows for your own needs. However, you probably don’t have the equipment to make butter or cheese, so you might have to sell milk if you want butter and cheese from your cows. If they are strictly breeding cows and beef, stick to that.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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