Mazda Automobiles from Certified Car Dealerships in Frankfort, IL

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Automotive

Enjoying Mazda’s Latest Technologies

Mazda takes pride in developing some of the most innovative safety, mechanical and digital technologies in the industry. Based in Japan, this company offers plenty of innovative features on its latest passenger cars. When touring a Mazda dealer in Frankfort, IL, you could ask for details on the i-ACTIVSENSE safety technologies. Most new trims are available with this signature bundle that improves your safety on the road. A Mazda dealer in Frankfort, IL, will encourage you to try some of the latest accident-prevention technologies from the suite. You should also try the latest applications in the Mazda Connect infotainment system, which is compatible with smartphones. Additionally, the signature SKYACTIV mechanical technology is incorporated into the powertrain of a new Mazda vehicle.

Mazda Financing Terms and Conditions

You could negotiate fair and affordable financing options with a Mazda dealer in Frankfort, IL. If you have an above-average credit score, you will typically qualify for a low APR on an auto loan or lease. You can minimize the monthly payments by maximizing the down payment at the dealership. Some leasing companies offer extended leases for well-qualified candidates. For example, your income and driving record will boost your qualifications for exclusive deals on leases. You should also ask for extended warranties on a new Mazda car that’s financed by a long-term loan. Additionally, your financing expert will offer additional protection plans on the car’s upholstery, exterior paint, and other items that are vulnerable to damage.

You could reach Hawk Mazda if you’re interested in buying a new Mazda model.

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