Managing kitchen waste

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Waste Management

In this day and age with landfill sites filling up quickly and municipalities finding it difficult to site new tips, it takes a concerted effort on behalf of homeowners to find ways to reduce the need for waste disposal in Hertfordshire. The most cost conscious way and perhaps the way that has the most benefit is to compost the kitchen waste, using the compost as a rich nutrient for your vegetable and flower gardens. Another common way to reduce waste, not only in the kitchen but throughout the house is to recycle anything than can be. It can be recycled for cash or it can be donated to charities that will do the recycling, the money going to their projects.

By composting and recycling you can make a significant impact on the environment, but there are other ways, albeit mechanical, that are also instrumental in battling waste disposal in Hertfordshire. Saving several bags of trash every month that has to be disposed of is an admirable task, furthermore you save time and energy from dragging it to the curb for collection.

The two appliances that assist greatly in reducing the mountain of trash are a garbage disposal and a trash compactor.

Garbage disposal:

A garbage disposal is a small grinder that fits in your kitchen drain. It fits below the work top, totally unseen. Food bits, bones, vegetable peelings etc can all be pushed through the disposal rather than thrown in the bin. The disposal requires connection to the mains power and fits between the drain outlet and the drain “P” trap.

Trash compactor:

A trash compactor is either free standing device or a fitted unit under the counter. This is a wonderful method of waste disposal in Hertfordshire, not that it eliminates waste; it compacts it so that the impact on the tip is minimized. The waste that cannot be sent through the garbage disposal can be compacted; packaging in particular can be crushed to about one sixth of its size.

Either the garbage disposal or the trash compactor will help reduce the need for waste disposal in Hertfordshire. The two appliances have totally different functions, they both have special installation demands and choosing between the two will often be based on your household budget or the types of kitchen waste you have the most of.

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