Making Use of Your Rights Under California Lemon Laws to Recoup Expenses


When you buy a used car, you expect it to run properly and be worth the investment that you make in it. You do not want to immediately encounter major mechanical issues with it that will cost you hundreds or thousands to fix.

However, when your newly purchased vehicle costs you more in repairs than what you paid for it, it could be classified as a lemon under the state’s laws. You can recover the money that you paid out for the sale and repairs by hiring a California lemon law attorney to take on your case.

Proving Seller Malice

When you retain a California lemon law attorney, you can investigate and prove if necessary that the seller intentionally used malice when selling the car to you. The seller could have withheld key information from you as you were looking at the car. He or she also could have outright lied about the car’s condition.

Your lawyer can investigate these possibilities and find out if the seller acted maliciously toward you as the buyer. You can then use this evidence to take the seller to court to get the money that you paid for the vehicle returned to you.

Proving the Condition of the Car

Your attorney can also subpoena a mechanic to testify on your behalf in the case. The mechanic can verify that the car is a lemon and not worth the money that you paid for it. He or she can also go into detail about what is wrong with the vehicle and how much money it would cost to make the repairs.

You can find out more about hiring a Californa lemon law attorney online. Contact Krohn & Moss Ltd. Consumer Law Center to set up a free consultation today.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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