Making Sure Your Import Car Passes Emissions Testing


The impact of the pollutants released from our vehicles into the environment is tremendous. According to Idaho’s Air Quality Board, ten percent of the vehicles on the road today make up fifty percent of the pollution in the air, including carbon monoxide and other lethal organic compounds. To help curb this phenomenon, states require vehicles to be tested for exhaust and emissions, depending on the age of the car, every other year in order to be registered.

If you own a foreign car, you need to make sure you are maintaining its’ proper service and repair work at an import car repair in Fort Collins CO garage. Doing so will ensure your foreign car will pass the required exhaust and emissions test.

Exhaust from vehicles, domestic and foreign alike, can cause smog, or ozone buildup. Older used vehicles may emit more pollutants into the air than newer ones which may come equipped with emissions control equipment. Either way, having a qualified import car repair in Fort Collins CO mechanic maintain your vehicle is a great way to make sure your car stays registered.

The process for an exhaust and emissions test consists of taking your foreign car down to a import garage equipped with emissions testing machinery. There are two different types of test performed.

One is an on-board diagnosis test. Usually reserved for newer vehicles, sport utility vehicles and light-duty trucks. This test connects the vehicle’s computer to a scanner which determines if the equipment is working adequately.

The other test measure the gas cap pressure and tests the exhaust being emitted when the vehicle is in idle. Single-speed exhaust tests are used on heavy-duty trucks and vehicles running on diesel.

In the event your vehicle fails the test, you will have 30 days to take it in to an Import car repair Fort Collins CO garage to have it fixed. If you fix the problem and have the vehicle re-tested, you may not have to pay the test fee again.

To give yourself the best opportunity to pass the test, make sure you routinely have your foreign car taken in for tune-ups. Having parts like spark plugs, air filters, EGR valves and oxygen sensors maintained can keep your car in compliance. Make sure to have your oil changed regularly as well as having the belts and hoses inspected and the tires properly inflated.

Import car repair Fort

Import car repair Fort

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