Making Church Attendance and Prayer Life Work in the Modern Day

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Religious Center

Many modern Catholics and Protestant Christians feel that they don’t have time to attend church services. Because of the fast pace of today’s society, we are trained by those around us – our school, our job, our family – to constantly be in a hurry. When is there time to squeeze in church?

Here are a few ways to return to the stable and steady relationship you once had with your faith, without losing out on the things you value most in your modern life:

Learn What’s Important

One of the reasons people struggle to find time for things like church services is because they’re too busy thinking about and spending time on other things. Yes, school is important. Your job is necessary to pay bills. Your family needs your attention. But reassessing how much of your time and attention each of these things really needs and then redistributing that time accordingly will help you make time for your faith – without stressing out.

Find Time to Nourish Your Spirit

Many people who pray and follow the Lord send their prayer time as it were a necessary medication. They get by on the bare minimum, treating their prayer life like life support. This leads to a feeling of burden when it comes to praying – and may eventually stop prayer from happening altogether.

Treat prayer and attending mass like eating. You need to eat regularly to keep up your strength, as well as for enjoyment. Embracing your faith beyond its minimum requirements will help you feel nourished, rather than just like you’re surviving.

Look for Flexible Options

Some modern churches offer more flexible options for attending services. These options – such as Old St. Mary’s daily masses – give parishioners the opportunity to worship when they’re able to. This, in turn, makes worship feel more like a privilege and less like a chore, deepening and strengthening the churchgoer’s relationship to their faith and to Christ.

If you’re interested in Old St. Mary’s daily masses in Detroit, contact the church directly for more information.

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