Love in the Time of engagement rings in Schererville

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Jewelry

Shopping for engagement rings in Schererville has progressed from the classic cuts to mixed metals, colorful gemstones, and band designs as unique as your leading lady. Since an engagement ring acts, not only as a symbol of your love, but as an investment that can be passed on through generations, there are many things to consider while shopping for the perfect ring.

Where to Buy?

Buying an engagement ring in a store has been the tried and true way of purchasing and perusing rings for decades. However, many companies have begun to sell loose diamonds and gems, as well as rings, for purchase online. This is becoming a very popular option for those who may want to get a better idea of what they want without the added pressure of a store environment. There are often a myriad of diamonds, gemstones, and metals to choose from, which allows your ring to be completely customizable.

How to Cut?

There are quite a few cuts to choose from when buying an engagement ring. Not only does cutting a diamond or gemstone properly showcase its beauty, but the way a diamond is cut can greatly influence how it looks when set in a ring. For example, the classic round cut diamond allows for a brighter looking diamond. The shape promotes a higher reflection of light, making the diamond seem very bright. A more unique cut is the emerald cut. The design with this cut makes the body color of the stone easier to see, and is a great cut for gemstones.


The two most commonly heard about metals for engagement rings in Schererville are platinum and gold. Platinum is the best metal for those who need a hypoallergenic ring, as it rarely leads to skin reactions. Gold is a slightly more cost effective option, though it is still very durable like platinum is. Gold is easily “colored” due to mixtures of different alloys, and this is helpful when deciding what setting to place your perfect diamond or gemstone. Colored options for gold include classic yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Rose gold is very flattering to almost every skin tone, and can easily add some flare to a ring.


The ring has been bought and the question is ready to be asked. Before rushing off to propose, consider scheduling ring cleaning and maintenance with your jeweler ahead of time. Proper ring care can add longevity to the look of the ring, as well fix any prongs or mountings that have been damaged by normal wear and tear. A final thing to keep in mind is insuring your ring. So much time, money, emotion, and effort goes into asking that big question and your ring is cultivation of all those things. Be sure to keep it safe forever by insuring it against theft, loss, or damages. If you are in search for the best engagement rings in Schererville then Albert’s Diamond Jewelers is perfect option for you as they offer you a wide selection of the finest designer engagement rings to make your engagement special.

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