Looking for Reliable Awning Services

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Home & Garden

Owning and awning is a great gift to your garden or patio but it will need maintenance after a while. The people who you choose to install your awning may offer a long term maintenance contract or after-sales customer service. However, once your contract expires you may want to look around for another company to service your awning when it needs it.

An awning service should include existing customers, regardless of whether you purchased your awning from them or not. Most services include recovering awning that are damaged, torn, lop-sided or have automated motor problems. They will repair any damaged fabric, replace a damaged or broken motor, convert motors from manual to automatic, move your awning if you are moving home or simply want it put in another location around your existing home. In all, it should include maintaining and repairing anything awning related.

How do you find a good awning service?

Firstly, you might approach the company who first installed your awning. They will have intimate knowledge of your particular product and will be able to send an expert specialist to assess any problems and repair any damage or issues and concerns you have. Talk to them and ask about their maintenance service contracts or one-off services policies before you speak to anyone else.

If you were particularly unhappy with the company who installed your awning, speak to your neighbors or friends and ask if they know of a reputable company who can maintain yours for you. Many of your neighbors may have used local companies to install their own awnings and they may have used someone you didn’t know about.

If you have no idea who installed your awning, because it was there when you moved into the home, look on the awning for a label stating the brand name or company. There should be some kind of marking to indicate where the awning came from.

Once you find a company who can offer what you need, ask about pricing and regularity of service. Long Island awning services companies will usually come out within twenty-four hours or less, if you need immediate assistance. Other areas may differ, but asking questions will help you decide which is the best company to serve your own requirements.

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