Little Known Tips about Portable Space Heaters


There are numerous home electric heating systems on the market today; you might find it daunting to make an informed choice regarding the Hydro Comfort system that suits your needs. Each of the space heater types, however, come with their unique merits. Read on to find out more about the types of portable space heaters that can best suit your specific needs.

Electric home heaters are essential home appliances which are used to supply heat to certain confined areas such as a bedroom. Most of these heater brands are portable units and use kerosene, wood, electric, or gas heating.

Fuel-based Portable Space Heaters

Fuel-based conventional heaters derive their energy from sources such as kerosene, wood, and natural gas. More often than not, these types of portable space heaters are named after the fuel that they use. The added advantage about heaters that use wood, kerosene and natural gas is the fact that they need not be enclosed in a confined space because they can spread heat over a large space area. In most cases, they are used outdoors as they emit carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Portable space heaters are preferred due to their safety features. Their high efficiency in converting electricity into heat makes them the most preferred among the majority of consumers. There are as many sizes of electric heaters as there are brands. Some are meant to heat spacious rooms whereas others are portable units that are designed to provide heat to a small space areas. Once you acquire one, make sure that you place it facing a wider area to ensure optimum distribution of heat within the room. Avoid placing an electric heater either close to any furniture or in places such as bathroom. Most electric heaters are made of heat-resistant hardware and come with tip-over safety features. Undoubtedly, safety features on these units are meant to prevent any fire related accident or mishap. You would find that most of the features are automated and switch off in case of danger or overheating.

When shopping for your home electric heater, note that there are mainly two types; radiant and convective space heaters. While convective heater would warm the air in your room, it can only do so effectively when the door and windows are shut. However, radiant heaters provide ample heat to people that are within the room. You can save a lot on electric bills with a radiant heater especially if you just need one to provide warmth to you. Compared to convective heaters, radiant portable space heaters offer better energy-saving features.

Oil-based Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are usually oil-filled and resemble conventional radiators. They are, however, operated using electricity. In comparison to coil-type heaters, they draw less power and, portable models are available in today’s marketplace. Brands that enjoy good customer reviews include: Soleus Air, EdenPure, Mr. Heater, Pelonis, Holmes, DeLonghi, Honeywell and Lasko.

Ceramic Electric heaters

Of all the Hydro Comfort systems, ceramic portable space heaters are the most economical. Their biggest pros include low operating temperatures. They pose the least danger in terms of electrical faults that can cause fire. Most come equipped with thermostats that regulate room temperature accordingly. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each type, the best electric heating systems would be determined by your specific needs such as your budget and the energy resources that are available to you.

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