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Oriental rug restoration is a complicated business for many people. However, you can learn what really takes place when your rug is taken for restoration by professional restorers. You will find it is easy. However, before attempting to do rug restoration on your own, you must have the necessary tools, chemicals, and expertise.

The chemicals that are used to clean your rug are usually certified by the relevant authorities responsible for ensuring that the environment is protected. The Oriental rug restoration Manhattan professionals must ensure that they comply with the rules and regulations by using green cleaning solutions. Some chemicals, such as the enzymes used by many companies are harmful to the environment and they can be dangerous to you too if used improperly.

The Oriental rug restoration professionals also must wear protective gear, such as masks, goggles, and gloves when using certain cleaning solutions. Some of the chemicals are corrosive, and they can burn through the skin.

When it comes to Oriental rug restoration Manhattan, professionals use a number of techniques to repair your damaged rugs. Weaving is not a skill for anybody. This ancient art form was passed down through generations. Due to the dilution of the weaving and binding skill, oriental rugs sold today lack the precision and beauty that was present in the past. You must have natural talent or be taught to acquire such skills.

Oriental rug restoration involves repair of carpets that have suffered damage from fire, water, or moth. The professionals can reweave and bind torn and worn areas, rips, and fringes.
Repair of carpets may also involve removal of stains, color runs, odors, and glue backing. If your pet defecates or urinates on your expensive, exotic carpet, do not think of shooting it as punishment; the damage is reparable. You can also carry out Oriental rug restoration Manhattan of the appearance of your rug if it is wrinkled due to frequent folding.

All kinds or rugs can be restored and repaired, not just oriental rugs. You can restore European carpets, wool rugs, silk rugs, American Indian rugs, Aubussons, Tapestries, Needlepoints, Kilims, Hooked rugs, Dhurries. Some rug restoration companies specialize in the restoration of hand-woven rugs and carpets.

Some restorations take longer than others to finish up. While others take days or weeks, they may take months. This is because of the degree of damage and the size of the rug. An Oriental rug restoration may allocate more master weavers to work on that single rug. Having the restoration carried out in a country where master restorers are based, such as Turkey, reduces the cost of restoration. In the US, it can cost 50% to 80% more than in Turkey! Therefore, you can save if you hand over the job to a company with connections to Turkey.

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