Keeping A Roof Over Our Heads In Cincinnati

by | Oct 22, 2013 | Business

As humans, we evolved in a way that left us somewhat unprotected from the elements; most of the time, we can carry some protection around with us in the form of the clothing that we wear. But this is not practical for 24/7 protection and we need to get under some sort of cover to escape the rigours of weather or even to get away from flying biting insects. When caves gave way to manmade structures, the concept of a roof over our head quickly gained popularity.

Like Us, Roofing Has Also Evolved

From a simple lean to constructed from wood and grass and even tents through to the first cabins and shacks with vertical walls with something to cover the hole at the top; somebody had to do the roofer’s job. Hides and woven grasses or leaves gave way to wooden shingles or cut slices of thin stone like slate and, with the advent of kiln fired clay, came bricks and clay roofing tiles. Metals were also used, often in sheet form, as a convenient way of quickly covering over large areas.

In modern Cincinnati you may still find examples of older, traditional roofing materials but, just like in many other aspects of life today, manmade, synthetic materials have made big inroads on the Roofing Of Cincinnati (especially on newer, domestic residences).

Take Modern Shingles For Example

Cincinnati can be somewhat wet and humid and those conditions favour the growth of algae and mosses on natural materials. These result in discoloration of the roof giving it an uncared for appearance – we might scrub and clean a wood decking but we do not go up on our roofs with a scrubbing brush very often (if ever). Maybe, if the building is remarkably ancient such an unkempt look could be worth preserving but, for most of us, our home represents the biggest investment we may ever make and we want to preserve, if not improve upon, the value of that investment.

If your roof has an appearance that might lower the resale value of your property, you could get a return on new investment by contracting a professional who specializes in Roofing In Cincinnati to replace the old shingles with modern ones. These might be molded from a polymer based material for lighter weight with greater strength and impact resistance as well as being specially shaped for increased wind resistance. These shingles will also have been chemically treated to both restrict algae growth and provide long lasting color.

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