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The importance of studying texts carefully and with an eye towards accuracy and inspiration has long been a part of the Protestant tradition. Indeed, it was the focus on reinterpreting the text and making Biblical arguments about the nature of morality and faith on the basis of close reading which helped characterize the Protestant Reformation in the first place. The Gospel of John begins “In the beginning was the Word” – making it clear from the very start just how important reading and interpreting those words are to adherents of its ideology.

Bible study has emerged over the past century as a way in which to continue that tradition, reengaging with the text by encouraging critical thinking, debate, and acceptance – all of which are pillars of Word of Life Christian Center.

With the best center for youth Bible study in Hawaii, children will be able to experience the text in a new and more immersive way.

The Benefits of Bible Study

There are many benefits to engaging in youth Bible study, not the least of which being the ability to improve one’s critical thinking and argumentation skills. What’s more, a key pillar of the Protestant Reformation was that direct engagement with the text is the best method for understanding it – an ideal which holds firm today. To truly keep Christianity in your heart, you must likewise carry it in your mind, and that means actively reading, considering, and debating the text, for which youth Bible study provides a welcoming environment.

Youth Involvement

It’s always great to encourage involvement among children. Youth Bible study offers a unique opportunity for children to feel involved in a common dialogue, while learning how to respectfully discuss their ideals with those who may hold different ideas.

Join the discussion with the best center for Bible study for youths in Hawaii. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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