It’s Not Only The Nicotine


Much has been written both for and against the consumption of tobacco products; particularly regarding health hazards and nicotine addiction. However, if you ask any smoker – “why do you do it?” Their answer is likely to be “because I enjoy the experience”.

It’s The Total Package

Since smoking is banned in most workplaces, why doesn’t the smoking worker switch to something like snuff to maintain his nicotine addiction throughout working hours? Could it be that he really enjoys the lighting up process; the having something to hold in his hand and suck from it; along with the pleasure of blowing out a cloud of smoke? Smokers may say that smoking calms their nerves but not many would claim to get a real “buzz” from the tobacco smoke. This is particularly true with cigar smokers.

It is claimed that cigar smoke should not be inhaled; rather, the taste and flavor of the smoke should be savored within the mouth (where the nicotine isn’t going to hit the bloodstream anywhere near as quickly as from smoke inhaled into the lungs).

Including The Paraphernalia

To be a smoker requires more than simply a pack of “smokes” or a cigar. You will need something to light your “smoke”; somewhere to place the ash and dispose of the finished “end”; and, in addition, you need something to carry your “smokes” in.

Nearly all of us have some sense of fashion and take pride in having “nice” possessions – nobody more so than the smoker who gets extra satisfaction from the paraphernalia that accompanies his habit. Again, it is the cigar smoker who probably has the greater amount of additional satisfying “toys” to enhance his enjoyment.

From Cigar Cutters To Humidors

The cigar aficionado appreciates that the manufacturer goes to great lengths to produce a cigar with a full, satisfying taste for the smoker’s enjoyment. But, like most things, taste quality can degrade over time; especially if the cigars are incorrectly stored. Those who buy their cigars in hermetically sealed metal tubes have less storage problems but, many prefer the taste of brands that do not come in individually sealed packages; which makes them more exposed to atmospheric conditions.

Good cigars should be stored above 54°F but below 75°F and at a relative humidity of 75%. Serious cigar smokers will achieve this by keeping their cigars in devices called a humidors – another “collectable” to enjoy! By their nature and function, there cannot be really Cheap Cigar Humidors although prices cover a wide range which is largely dependent upon the number of cigars that can be stored within the humidor.



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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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