Items That Every Bakery Shop in Fayetteville, GA, Should Sell


A bakery shop in Fayetteville, GA, needs to make money like any other business. It’s important to keep starting costs low and employee retention high, but it’s also important to sell things that are easy to make and people want. If you don’t know what goods to sell, here are some that should be on the list.


Your shop could sell so many kinds of pies, from apple to pumpkin to lemon meringue to maple pecan. Some of your customers may want pie but not a whole one, so you might also want to offer slices or small pies. Give people who buy two or three pies at once a small discount. This will help you sell a lot of pies.


If you want to be the best bakery shop around, donuts in various flavors are a must! If you really want to make a lot of money, wake up with fresh donuts and hot coffee so you can cross-sell more goods and make more money. Also, people can’t stay away from coffee and sugar together; once they buy something from you, they’ll keep coming back for their morning fix.


Fresh bread from a bakery shop in Fayetteville, GA, is the best thing in the world. One study found that the smell of fresh bread makes 89% of people happy and makes 63% of those people remember good times. When you look at these numbers, it’s clear that bakeries will make the most money from fresh, high-quality breads.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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