Is 23andMe And Me The Right DNA Testing Service?


Most people have seen the advertising and marketing by 23andMe. The company actively markets on television and through digital platforms, particularly during the holiday season. 23andMe is a DNA testing service that was founded in California in 2006.

23andMe has a solid reputation for providing user-friendly, accurate DNA reports and health testing reports. Backed by Google Ventures, this company strives to include the latest in research and science to the platform, providing customers with up-to-date information. Currently, there are over 10 million users on the platform, which makes it one of the largest consumer DNA testing services.

What to Consider

Consumers can choose the basic package, which provides ancestry information or upgrade to the health and ancestry service. Both reports are considered accurate, with the FDA providing approval for the company to provide information on the potential for increased risks of specific health genetic conditions.

There are over 50 different reports with the Ancestry package, including a new family tree builder, the option to opt-in to the DNA relative finder database, as well as Neatherthal ancestry, ancestry composition, and specific results from paternal and maternal haplogroups. The health report includes over 10 health tests, 40 carrier status reports, and over 30 trait reports. There are also more than 5 different wellness reports included.

23andMe offers some terrific holiday sales with the different packages. The cost is very reasonable even if you choose not to wait for a sale. The service also allows you to download your raw DNA data and use it on other sites, which is always an important factor to consider.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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