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Marital relationships are complex, and don’t always come to a happy ending. If you want to get a divorce, or you disagree with your ex-spouse over child support and custody matters, you should hire a family law attorney. Family law covers all parts of the relationships between parents, spouses, children and life partners. If you are getting divorced, married or you’re contending with custody issues, a family lawyer can help.

The First Consultation

When you call a lawyer or Visit our website, you should make an appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation. At the first meeting, you and the attorney will discuss your issue, and you’ll get a chance to learn about the lawyer and their experience with cases like yours. Below are some questions to ask during the meeting:

How many cases like mine have you handled?

Are you experienced with the family law courts and judges in my area?

What is your opinion of my divorce case?

How would you react in my situation?

Do you have time to give my case the attention it deserves?

How Much is it to Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Most attorneys charge on an hourly basis, but billing rates vary depending on your location, the attorney’s experience and the type of work they will perform. A lawyer’s rates can be as low as $100 per hour, but some can cost several hundred or more. Some family law attorneys charge a flat rate for simple matters. At your initial meeting, ask the attorney for an estimate list, and confirm how often you’ll get billed and when payments are due. Some lawyers take a retainer, which is a deposit applied to later legal expenses.

It’s never a good time when a marriage ends in divorce, but most cases can be resolved amicably and fairly. Hiring a lawyer takes a certain amount of trust–after all, you’re trusting them to give good advice and make legal decisions on your behalf. By doing your research and being patient, you can hire a Family Law Attorney in Oceanside that will help you reach a settlement that’s good for you and your family.

Family Law Attorney in Oceanside

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