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by | Sep 19, 2013 | Dentistry

The benefits of straight teeth is just not about how good they look, it is also important to how teeth fit into the mouth and function. Teeth that are crooked will crowd the teeth surrounding them. Teeth that do not fit well together may cause an overbite or under bite. The positioning of teeth can also affect speech. The most common solution to straightening teeth is through the use of braces in Bel Air area.

The fitting of bracing is called orthodontics. This treatment is meant to last for two to three years. The dentist will fit the patient’s mouth for braces, and these will remain in place until the treatment time period has elapsed. After the braces are removed, the patient will use a retainer in order to keep them in place.

When one is being considered Bel Air Braces, the dentist will first ask for some actions to be completed during an initial examination. The dentist will observe the patient’s jaw, teeth and gums during the process of chewing. This will give an idea of the nature of the patient’s need for braces. The dentist will then have x-rays made in order to form a more specific treatment plan. The patient and dentist will discuss this, and the associated costs.

Most people will have some sort of fixed braces that remain in place through the use of metal brackets and bands that hold the teeth in place. Children with baby teeth may be fitted with braces that can be removed. Adults may opt for a type of brace called Invisalign, because it is clear and now so distracting in the mouth. It takes some time to get used to braces. There will be some annoyances for the first week or so as one adjusts.

When a patient wears braces, it is important for utmost cleanliness to be taken into account. Braces can trap food and allow for sticky places for bacteria to grow. As such, the wearer must be diligent about brushing after every meal or snack. Candy and soda should also be avoided. As many braces wearers are children, a parent or other adult needs to make sure that the child complies with these requirements.
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