Inflammation is “Inflamm-aging”


Many Americans are faced with health issues caused by inflammation. From heart disease, to autoimmune disorders, we are a nation inflamed! This underlying systemic inflammation is also evident on our skin. Rosacea, psoriasis, rashes, allergies and skin cancer are common skin conditions which are becoming more prevalent each year.

Anti-inflammatory skincare is a necessary to soothe and calm inflamed, irritated skin. Choosing a natural skincare line is the way to go. Natural skincare products are formulated using botanical ingredients to nourish inflamed vessels, feed skin cells, provide UV and free radical protection and calm the skin. Ingredients like grape seed extract, green tea, resveratrol, phosphorylated vitamin C, aloe, and many others are used to provide the needed nourishment. Without these types of high quality, natural skincare products, the skin remains inflamed and the Inflamm-aging occurs. Inflamm-aging is accelerated aging of the skin due to this state of chronic inflammation.

Everyone should be very choosy when selecting their skincare products, but especially those with inflammation. It’s best to select a natural or organic skincare line which is paraben free, sulfate free, petroleum free, and without added fragrances or colors. These ingredients are very readily absorbed by the skin and add to the irritation and inflammation already present.

Visit to choose skincare line products. Choosing a skincare line is not always easy, but when choosing one to manage your inflamed skin, it is key to tap nature to bring your natural beauty to life. Look for a natural skincare line which is botanically based and free of harmful chemicals and additives to ensure that you do not “Inflamm-age” your skin.

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