Indoor and Outdoor Signs: Be Noticed by People


Whether you are conducting a charity event, a house party or running a business having indoor and outdoor signs can help uplift the mood and knowledge of the people about what you are up to.  Setting up banners, tarpaulins or posters around is a means of advertising and inviting people to join you or hire your services, therefore, increasing your chances of profit.

Kinds of Indoor Signs

  • Permanent Room Signs – these are indoor signs intended to mark a room for its purpose, which will not be changed for quite some time. Such signs include the bathroom, kitchen, stairwells, store rooms and exits. Permanent room signs are often installed at a specific height, have Braille or foreign language translations and are printed in such a way that it would be easily spotted and understood by anyone.
  • Directional and Way-Finding Signs – these are signs help people find their way around the building and are sometimes marked by arrows or pictograms. In addition, these signs are seen overhead in places such as airports, hospitals and train stations, but directional signs for exit places are usually printed or installed at lower parts of the wall to give way for emergencies such as the occurrence of fire.
  • Directories and Maps – used by buildings that have lots of tenants or offices. These signs are often located at the reception area or entryway for better and easy access.

Kinds of Outdoor Signs

  • LED Signs – these signs are increasing in popularity. They often flash off letters or messages and even shop names in single or multiple colored LED making it more eye catching to passersby.
  • Directional and Way-Finding Signs – same as the indoor variety, these signs intend to show people how to get to other places. These kinds of signs are often found on the streets or highways to give direction of where the next emergency stop is located, what place lies ahead if you turn right, left or go straight forward a route.

Advertising has played a significant role to almost every venture that man has come upon making indoor and outdoor signs as important as any other printed materials used for the purpose. There are many printing companies that offer to produce these indoor and outdoor signs to suit your purpose, but it is important for you to check the quality of their work. Having durable indoor and outdoor signs will last long against the harsh environment, therefore, saving you from unnecessary re-printing cost.

This article is about the different kinds of indoor and outdoor signs that can be used by an establishment or a place. Furthermore, this article discusses the importance of quality materials being used to make such signs.

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Author: timothyharvard

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