In Chicago, A Good Support Network Is Key to A Good Art Education


The best art schools are considered as such for a reason. Most people that you ask, however, will not understand why. Those with an answer will usually talk about the higher quality teachers or, the tougher schoolwork. Few, however, will tell you the real answer: the support network. School is tough. Many students will end up struggling for a myriad of reasons. A high-quality support network, however, will make this struggle bearable. That’s because a support network does more than just give you help with your homework or a little advice here and there. It gives you stability.

The Power of Finding Support In School

The best art schools earned their prestige thanks to one thing. They understand what they need to do to support their alumni. This means giving them a place where they can be at ease. Somewhere where they can talk out their problems, find a listening ear or even just get a little help with their homework. A strong support network can be comprised of many things. It can be a counseling office, a professor’s office hours, or even a little extra tutoring. No matter the case, good art schools know that a support network is important for student success.

A Comprehensive Art Education

School of the Art Institute of Chicago is renowned for a reason. With over 150 years of history, the school has made a name for itself in the art world. Many of the world’s leading artists, designers, and scholars can claim the school as the key to their success. Visit their website.

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