Improve Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentist in Allen Park

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Dentist

The smile is something that gets noticed immediately when two people meet. There are people that don’t flash a beautiful smile because they are self conscious about the yellowing of their teeth. Yellow teeth are a result of stains that build up over time. Different foods and beverages cover up the bright white color that teeth originally start out as. These stains can be removed through a few different teeth whitening procedures that are available from the cosmetic Dentist in Allen Park. A whiter smile can be just the boost a person needs to feel better about their overall appearance. One popular method is to use a whitening gel that is placed into trays. The trays are then placed over the teeth for a period of time. After a few of these treatments, many of the surface stains are lifted and the teeth become much whiter.

Another popular whitening method is to use a UV light that penetrates through the stains to break them up. This method is very fast acting and people often see results after just one visit. A cosmetic dentist goes beyond just tooth whitening and works on teeth that are damaged or infected as well. A popular method of fixing damaged teeth is through the use of porcelain veneers.

Veneers are placed directly over the existing teeth to create a new layer that restores chipped or broken teeth. The veneers are also a bright white color to give teeth their original appearance back. While veneers fit over the top of existing teeth, implants replace teeth that have been lost due to injury or infection.

Implants are vital to maintaining the overall health of a mouth and jaw when a tooth is missing. The implants are typically placed into the gum with a post and then a porcelain crown is put over the top to give the appearance of an actual tooth. No matter what the need is for a cosmetic dentist, it is important to find one that has a good track record with past patients. It is also important to find one that has some experience with all the various procedures and techniques that come with being a cosmetic dentist.

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