Important Things to Remember for Appliance Installation in Wichita


If you’ve recently bought new appliances, it’s likely that you’re excited to have them professionally installed. Whether you’re bringing new appliances into your kitchen or gearing up for a washer and dryer, upgrading the equipment in your home requires the help of a professional.

Consider the following tips to keep in mind when you install your appliances.

Appliance Power Requirements

When installing appliances in your home, it’s important to check their power requirements. When it comes to appliance installation in Wichita, your electrician will make sure every major appliance uses the right amount of power.

Additionally, your electrician will ensure the outlets used in your home match the amount of voltage each appliance needs.

Installing the Appliance

Another factor to consider in appliance installation is accessibility. Appliances should always be installed in a way that they can be easily removed if they need to be serviced.

Expert electricians know how to install appliances like gas ranges and dishwashers with flexible hook-ups. This makes removing and connecting these appliances simple.

Door Swing Clearance

Another important detail to consider when installing appliances is the room needed to use them. When installing your appliance, a professional needs to ensure there is enough room for the appliance itself as well as for the door swing clearance.

For example, refrigerators should be installed in a way that allows for their doors to open at a 135-degree angle. This way, you can conveniently access the fridge or freezer.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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